• Superior insulation using spray foam, ROXUL batts, rigid foam, thermally broken construction design and air-tight with less then 1.0 ACH
  • Thoughtful construction with careful attention to insulation, air tightness, soundproofing

  • ​HRV Ventilation system not only cleans dust, pollutants and allergens but also retains heat in winter and cool air in the summer
  • Provides superior air quality while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources & reduces pollution

Owned by two engineering alumni of the University of Alberta, Net Zero Developments​ creates eco-friendly buildings promoting responsible, environmentally friendly living.​ ​​​We encourage our homeowners to take meaningful steps towards reducing carbon emissions and energy bills, envisioning a day when positive energy homes and electrical vehicles will be normal, everyday living. 


  • ​State of the art solar panel system that generates as much energy annually as this building requires

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Net Zero Developments Energy Efficient Homes

Superior building envelope

Net Zero Developments - Energy Efficient Homes Edmonton Alberta


  • Available energy monitoring app for Android/iPhone to help understand and evaluate energy usage
  • All electric home with NO NATURAL GAS!!! Means less to maintain and no CO to worry about
  • Drain Water Heat Recovery Coil that recovers 43% of water heat that would otherwise be lost down the drain

Our company prides itself in building super energy efficient net zero energy homes with emphasis on energy modelling and building science, utilizing value engineering and best management practices to ensure minimized costs while still achieving net zero energy.  

  • These townhomes obtain an Energuide 100 rating from NRCan (traditional homes compare at 73-75)
  • Energy Star appliances
  • LED lights throughout the entire home that provide more than 80% energy savings over standard lighting

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Responsible, Sustainable and Uncompromised Living

  • ​​​Solar panel system gives you peace of mind with a 25 year warranty on inverters and panels


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